Find the names of our church board members as well as elected officials currently serving.

Updated: May 3, 2020

Church Board

Brian Gemaehlich

Bob Tramp

Les Ellsworth

Chris Maker

Connie Schott

Rod Ellsworth

Sunday School Board

Peg Propst, Sunday School Superintendent

Emily Deckard

Carrie Hicks

Mandy Kelley

Rachelle Maker

Holly Propst

Ken Skipworth

NMI Council

Tim Richie, NMI President

Rhonda Couchenour

Beverly Ellsworth

Rod Ellsworth

Nate Kelley

Ramona Kirkwood

Loreen Miller

Connie Schott

District Assembly Delegates

Adam Deckard

Beverly Ellsworth

Jennifer Everhart

Todd Everhart

Brian Gemaehlich

Ramona Kirkwood, Alternate

Susan Mustain, Alternate